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Volunteer Time Management

The easy way to record and report the incredible amount of time given to our communities through volunteering.  VolHours makes it simple for volunteers to record their hours and for teams and charities to keep track of the amazing work being done.

You Give Your Time

Keep Track of It

Volunteers like you are the backbone of strong healthy communities.  Without your dedication to help and support people around you, many of your neighbours would have less in their lives.  Volhours was created by volunteers just like you who need a quick and easy way to record the impact they are making.

Volhours helps you and every other volunteer keep track of the benefit we all bring to our communities.  You give selflessly to a charity or a team. You wake up early and come home late so that others can achieve more.  Volhours was created to help you track and share that commitment with the groups you volunteer with.

No need to fill in timesheets at the end of the week


Easily record your time in a matter of seconds


Centralised Management

No more lost papers or signatures to collect.  Get instant reports showing up to date records of how you are impacting your local community.

Record Time

Volunteers easily record their time using the free mobile app or online portal. On the move, in a few taps your volunteers can report back to you.

Securely Stored

The information is stored securely on servers in the UK and all data is held in compliance with GDPR protocols.  Each user gives their consent to share their data only with their chosen groups.

Instant Reporting

Get up to date reports right when you need them.  Easily feedback to funders or trustees the number of hours and the impact volunteering is having on individuals through qualitative information gathering.

Easy Download

Easily pass the data into any other management systems such as a CRM or spreadsheet software by simply downloading the information you need for use in other systems.

Thousands of volunteer hours go missing every day

No one truly knows the impact volunteering is having on our communities. The existing methods of collecting this information don’t work in our modern lives. Volhours was created by volunteers to easily and reliably record their hours. This information is instantly shared with the charities and teams they choose.

No more lost paperwork


No need for complicated excel sheets and graphs


Teams, Groups, Charities

Make things easier for your volunteers and for your administrators